Sipaway Cocktailbar, Lenzerheide GR

The Challenge


The premises lie directly on the main street Voa Principala in Lenzerheide. The two hosts, Marco Zollinger and Johannes Fredheim, wanted to transform about 45 m2 of space into a cocktail bar. With the actual bar in the centre, the rather limited space had to be designed in such a way as to accommodate a wide variety of standing and seating options as well as nooks that perfectly harmonised with each other, creating a relaxed bar atmosphere. In addition, we were asked to integrate a small picture gallery with appropriate lighting into the overall concept and liven up the cocktail bar.

The Idea


We are great admirers/fans of Le Corbusier and drew inspiration from the 30s as well as the 50s. 1930 was a decade that not only produced great style icons. It was also a time when prohibition reached its peak in America. Although the production as well as the distribution of alcohol was strictly prohibited, hardly anyone was able to stop it and illegal speakeasies sprang up all over the place like mushrooms. They replaced the saloons of the day.

In these novel bars men and women came together, drank and danced. It was where the cocktail culture and jazz was born. Likewise, the interior design changed. Functionality and simplicity replaced the prevailing ornamental style. Then in the 50s, the cocktail era also conquered Europe. And exactly this mix of the two decades inspired the interior concept for the cocktail bar in Lenzerheide.

The Implementation


The use of authentic materials and qualities was important to us. We used real copper, raw steel, solid oak, real cowhide and 100% wool felt. Materials that perfectly echoed the aforementioned decades were used for the entire bar, for individual tables and seats. We painted walls and ceilings in a deep blue and the window niches in a salmon red. A nice contrast and accent that draws looks from the street into the heart of the bar. Colours that also give the room a certain warmth and largess, especially in dimmed light conditions.

In order to gain best use of space and enough room for the guests we positioned the bar, with its sleekly designed bar stools, at an angle. Classic ball lights in frosted glass set above the counter and adjustable Le Corbusier lamps from the 30s positioned in the spacious seating nooks created an atmospheric and nostalgic lighting concept that evoked memories of the old speakeasies. In addition to the bar tables and seating alcoves we integrated a deeply lounge corner upholstered with steel-blue wool felt. Sticking to a clear budget we succeeded to satisfy the wishes of the two owners in full.