Our Story


A Little Background


Vinval, i.e. the team Nina Barandun and Dan Murdoch, have years of in-depth knowledge and experience. Following her commercial training, Nina Barandun first worked in the construction industry as a business clerk, and in this capacity, was often working on projects on-site as well as in the office. Her subsequent training as an interior designer rounded off her expertise. As an interior designer she mainly specialised in textiles of all kinds. From then on, she planned and designed complete furnishing concepts for a wide range of objects and industry sectors.

After completing his studies, Dan Murdoch learned everything about furniture and design from hands on experience. He worked for over ten years as a representative, brand ambassador and consultant for upmarket premium brands in his home market of Switzerland and at international trade fairs. He made a name for himself in the industry—until he became self-employed in 2015 together with his partner Nina Barandun with their firm Vinval.

Beginning in a former lorry service workshop


It all begann back in 2015 in a wee town called Valbella in the Swiss Alps. There we opened our first studio for interior architecture and design. We rented a former lorry workshop, cleaned it thouroughly and redesigned the interior (pictures above). It was a showroom and a peoples place, sporting curated and hand selected furniture, living accessories and lifestyle products—especially ones that were handcrafted and of sustainable origin. After 3 great years we decided to move to Lenzerheide, were we reside now. Our core competency has shifted more towards holistic space concepts and interior design.

Vinval in Valbella

Real Living Spaces

Rooms are an oasis of tranquility in a world that is changing faster and faster. An emotional sanctuary that express the desire for roots, simplicity and authenticity. A space for living that creates an all-embracing, coherent visual experience through a fine balance of smart living and identity.

We have departed from the intellectual approach to interior design to tackle the most diverse lifestyle concepts and approaches to life. We want to be more of a designer of "real living spaces" using sustainable, healthy and natural resources, combined with handmade furniture and rarities which we source from all over the world. Altogether this represents our deeply ingrained philosophy which is gaining more significance for us every day.

We want to create a home for you that outlasts time and fast-changing trends. Where life can blossom, chil- dren can run wild and your friends and acquaintances feel relaxed. We do not want to create any old space for any old non-descript location, but something unique for a particular venue.

We see our work as a holistic discipline embracing design, architecture, lifestyle and, of course human beings, merged into one big entity. It's about an emotional all-em- bracing experience, about rooms and worlds being allowed to tell stories.