About us

Design the future with us.


Vinval Gestaltung—that is Nina Barandun and Dan Murdoch—opened their first interior architect and design studio 2015 in Valbella. With the founding of Vinval (VINtage VALue), we have ignored the run-of-the-mill, the mass-produced and the as-cheap-as-possible. From the beginning we focused on quality, longevity and sustainability, on regional and visually striking materials, on an eclectic natural mix of the old and the new, and last but not least on the interplay of cultures.

Why do we do what we do? Because we believe that living, working and life as such will become multi-faceted in the near future. Other cultures and lifestyles are already providing us with ideas and solutions as to what life in the city, in metropolitan areas, but also the coun- tryside in Europe could look like. Modern life and Smart Living 4.0 is no longer compatible with old oor plans and rigid dividing walls. Today the living room merges with the open kitchen while the bathroom adjoins the bedroom. We work from home or make the local café our place of work. The terrace becomes the second living room. Boundaries are dissolving.

The world and its rigid frame- work is changing rapidly and our generation now has the opportunity to shape the future anew. And that is our aim.